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Lake Louise Ski Clubs

The Lake Louise Ski Club has been developing great skiers since 1965. Now there are actually four clubs that work together to produce great skiers, including the original Lake Louise Ski Club that focuses on a racing program. Young skiers start out with the Lake Louise Grizzlies Ski Club where they can participate in a great Nancy Greene program for kids 4 to 11 years old and build a strong foundation of skiing. As those kids develop, they either go into racing with the Lake Louise Ski Club, or they can join the Lake Louise All Mountain Club which develops athletes with a love of big mountain skiing. Most recently, the Evolve SSX has joined the group and offers ski cross and snowboard cross racing. Our group of clubs is designed to fit any avid skier's needs!

The goal of this program is to create great all around skiers with a broad base of general ski athleticism. The Lake Louise Ski Area is a world class mountain and offers the terrain and conditions necessary to best accomplish this. Once young skiers develop a strong competency on the mountain they join one of three excellent ski development streams.

The first stream is for those athletes looking to be competitive ski racers and ski at the highest level of the sport. Our experienced coaches with a track record of success use excellence as the standard when developing ski racing skills. The club has had athletes ski at the Alberta Ski Team level, The Canadian Ski Team level, and compete on the World Cup. Our coaches weave the general skiing skills of free skiing into a well planned technical progression that is second to none. Athletes that want to continue to fuel their passion for the sport while achieving podium performances will be well served in the Lake Louise Race Ski Club.

We know ski racing is only one option and some great skiers don’t want to be racers. For this reason we have created our Lake Louise All Mountain Ski Club. This program was launched in the 2012-13 ski season. It was created out of a natural desire to teach athletes how to be great all mountain skiers and develop a passion for the sport of skiing. Elements of freeride, ski cross, slopestyle (park) are underpinned by a strong technical ski foundation. We know many of the big mountain skiing stars came from ski racing backgrounds. Our all mountain program looks to use our technical knowledge of skiing to teach skills necessary to do that kind of big mountain skiing in a fun group setting.

Rounding out the options is the Evolve Ski and Snowboard Cross Club (SSX), which is the premier cross club in Alberta. We offer introductory or competitive level Ski and Snowboard Cross  programs.  If you  want to push yourself and learn the skills needed to be a competitor in cross sports, join us.  We have some of the top junior and novice men and women in Canada. With the best coaching and facilities anywhere, we can put you on the path to the podium.

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