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FIS (U18)

Lake Louise Ski Club FIS program is highly specialized and unique, largely driven by the needs of each athlete. This year-round program looks to be on snow an average of 110-120 days per year. This includes spring, summer, and fall ski camps as well as regular season training. Training is a unique blend of the convenience of COP, the gate training of Nakiska and Norquay, and the general ski athleticism developed at Lake Louise.

Athletes in our FIS program have the skills to be successful and the skills to win. They need a coach that can facilitate winning, manage each athlete individually, and understand that a FIS-aged athlete has many other aspects of their life that need to be taken into consideration. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer a FIS program that builds character, confirms values, and creates good citizens, while ski racing at a high performance level. Whether an athlete wants to be a National Team ski racer or achieve the grades for university entrance and career excellence, we have the program for them.

Questions? Please contact our Program Director at programdirector@lakelouiserace.ca


Race U14

  • 85 days on snow (including 3 Christmas camps + 3 away camps)
  • 10-14 starts
  • Recommended but not included: Lake Louise season pass and COP pass (or tickets). Ski equipment not included. Two race + all mountain skis required.

Race U16

  • 100 days on snow (training days and away camp days are coach and calendar dictated and TBA)
  • 18-22 competitions
  • Not included but required: Lake Louise season pass and COP season pass. Ski equipment determined by coach.

FIS (U18)

  • 110-120 Days on snow (including away camps and training)
  • 25-35 competitions
  • Canada West Pass (Not included). Ski equipment determined by coach.

Important notes:

1. When signing up on the Zone4 site, you will also be charged an Alberta Alpine and FIS registration fee of $520. The Race Account will be $6,000.
2. Based on registration, the LLSC club reserves the right to combine, change or modify the programs offered.