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Refund policy


Program offerings are subject to enrolment. Lake Louise Ski Clubs reserve the right to combine programs as required.

Program days should be considered guidelines as skiing is an outdoor sport and weather may impede the clubs' ability to meet allotted program days.

General Refund Policy

General refunds will only be considered up to and including the program start date or December 1, whichever comes first. Alberta Alpine registration, National Card, Canada West Pass and Fundraising fees cannot be refunded as these are paid to third parties. A $50 cancellation processing charge will be levied.

Injured Athlete Refund Policy (Lake Louise Grizzlies and Lake Louise All Mountain Athletes only)

Refunds will only be offered in the case of athlete injury in which the participant is unable to continue in the program. A doctor’s certificate is required. The refund credit is determined according to the following:

  • Injury before Dec 1st: 75%
  • Injury before Jan 15th: 50%

Refunds for all other situations are at the sole discretion of the Lake Louise Race Ski Club, Lake Louise Grizzlies Ski Club, Lake Louise All Mountain Ski Club and Evolve SSX Boards of Directors.