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Lake Louise Ski Club U16 program delivers a high performance experience for those athletes wishing to go to the highest levels of ski racing. Experienced and talented coaches will fine tune the learn to race phase of long term athlete development in a very unique way. A year-round program, U16 excels at developing strong technical skiing skills, a solid understanding and use of ski racing tactics, and the complimenting aspects of fitness, nutrition, injury prevention, and sport psychology. Coaches will work with athletes during the summer in a blend of dryland and on-snow skiing that is unique to each athlete. This program has a van and will look to find the best training in a nimble and proactive way.

Athletes in U16 with interests in ski cross or big mountain skiing will find their calling with individualized programs that incorporate the elements that drive them. Our unique club structure allows athletes to train and compete in ski cross and big mountain to the level that suits them while still pursuing ski racing.

We believe that we are responsible to not just provide a high performance ski program in a fun, safe and structured environment, but that we need to develop the whole person, balancing sport, academics, and life. Athletes and parents alike will be impressed with the “WOW” factor in this program!

Questions? Please contact our Program Director at programdirector@lakelouiserace.ca

Race U14

  • 85 days on snow (including 3 Christmas camps + 3 away camps)
  • 10-14 starts
  • Recommended but not included: Lake Louise season pass and COP pass (or tickets). Ski equipment not included. Two race + all mountain skis required.

Race U16

  • 100 days on snow (training days and away camp days are coach and calendar dictated and TBA)
  • 18-22 competitions
  • Not included but required: Lake Louise season pass and COP season pass. Ski equipment determined by coach.

FIS (U18)

  • 110-120 Days on snow (including away camps and training)
  • 25-35 competitions
  • Canada West Pass (Not included). Ski equipment determined by coach.

Important notes:

1. When signing up on the Zone4 site, you will also be charged an Alberta Alpine fee of $176. The Race Account will be set by the head coach.
2. Based on registration, the LLSC club reserves the right to combine, change or modify the programs offered.